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Snake Awareness Program
 Reptile Madness has created a series of special lectures for business staff and employees where their activities may bring them into contact with snakes, or where snake removal is an integral part of their work.

The OBJECTIVES of these are:

  • To provide training and awareness in snake behaviour and other Occupational Health and Safety aspects to increase employees knowledge so as to minimise the likelihood of snakebite.
  • To endeavour to decrease the amount of anxiety experienced by many employees who may work in areas where they find themselves in close proximity to snakes.
  • To increase employees awareness so that they may endeavour to not place themselves at unnecessary risk where snakes are involved.
  • To be trained in emergency first aid in the event of snakebite.
  • To identify the place snakes hold in the environment.
To show employees how to respond to snake sightings, public inquiries and snakebite.
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(By Special Request Only) Employees may be shown safe techniques for catching (for relocation) highly defensive, dangerous snakes- 6 hour duration. A certificate is issued to all successful participants.

NOTE! Not all people are psychologically suited for this element of the training, as it requires trainees to bag several defensive venomous snakes.

Prices are available by contacting Wayne or Denise on 0423 920 370